What I learned in Laos

A standard feature already on this blog. As always when I leave a country or a city there will be list with things I learned about myself or otherwise. For other examples see here and here. So here is what I learned in Laos. Yours, Pollybert

1.) You can buy a bus ticket and still have no seat on the bus. Eventually (after a lot of insisting and maybe yelling) you end up next to the driver or on the stairs.

2.) You can buy a ticket for a VIP bus (regular 45 seater) and still end up on a minibus although you now even have a seat number.

3.) In general Lao food is spicy. So if it says spicy on the menu be careful!

4.) If you can afford it give a big tip. The smile you receive after takes the whole adventure to another level.

5.) Panic is never an option. Least of all while climbing a via ferrata.

6.) Elephants can be ridden just with commands. There is no need to hit them with a stick.

7.) Staying upright on a scooter.


8.) Sometimes a ‘pedicure’ only involves painting the nails.

9.) It’s a lot of fun traveling together. It’s also fun traveling alone. But thank you Dudley for putting up with me!

10.) I will never ever again walk with a bicycle through a night market. If looks could kill, I would be dead by now.

11.) I never knew I had it in me to climb a via ferrata. Now that I did, I know I can do everything! And the blue shirt I wore while climbing I’ve kept for moments of doubts.



  1. Didn’t you buy the blue shirt in Lhasa?

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