The street art of Kiev

Kiev is pretty amazing when it comes to street art. And I mean ‘street’ art in the most liberal sense possible. It’s not just murals on the street but also other art which I came across. Like musicians or a likeness of the Madonna done with Easter Eggs. That one was fabulous. But also the musicians, especially since the played instruments which I don’t even know. They look quite medieval honestly. But take a look at yourself and if you have more information on it, I am glad if you can enlighten me.

What was also astounding was the many sculptures dotted around various parks. I really liked that. It educated people while they just relax outside. Kiev has definitely a bright future, check out the street light below,  ahead when you look at it from this perspective. Children here soak up the ‘art gene’ practically from an early age just by playing with it. As I have seen in the Fashion Park. Yours, Pollybert

artists on the street @Kiev

this looks sporty @kiev

art in the park @Kiev

Madonna made of Easter eggs @Kiev

art in the park @Kiev

a closet on a wall @Kiev

a hedgehog on a stick @Kiev

face on the wall @Kiev

street light @Kiev

colorful graffiti @Kiev

it looks like an native American totem pole @Kiev

portrait of B.B. King @Kiev

there is probably some meaning behind it, but I don’t have a clue @Kiev

a bicycle rack @Kiev


  1. This was awesome can I share it ?

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