About Pollybert

Hello, I am Pollybert! I hope you have fun while reading my blog. Join me while I travel, enjoy or pull apart restaurants, read books or just navigate everyday life.
Traveling and reading are my favorite past-times, besides meeting friends or getting to know new people. I also love to eat and cook, always trying new restaurants or recipes. Traveling, reading and eating complement each other well as you can see on my blog.

Especially reading is something I do wherever and whenever. I was able to read before starting school and since then I have kept at it. There is always a book in my bag, sometimes even two. I never thought I could write; or that anyone would want to read it. Fast forward many years to an afternoon in the kitchen of friend where I wrote in her daughter’s friendship book that I wanted to become a writer when I grow up. That’s when I decided to follow my younger self’s dream and start doing what I like best. Travel, read, eat and write about all the experiences.

I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would love it if you drop me a line or follow me into all kinds of adventures. Life is beautiful and needs to be lived to the fullest. I love to do that on a higher level, always living at the fullest.

You can get in touch with me via pollybert.vienna@gmail.com or just fill out the contact form below. In either case, I would love to hear from you. Especially while I am traveling. If you have any recommendations, remarks, requests, complaints, advice or anything else you want me to know, just do it!

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