Finding out about hygge in Copenhagen

There is nothing better than leaving town for a weekend with your friends. Okay going for dinner with them is also great, just on a smaller scale. So a combination of traveling and eating out is unbeatable. And that was our plan for Copenhagen!

We had made dinner reservations for both our evenings but left the rest open. We wanted to go with the flow so to speak and just see what was happening. Arriving in Copenhagen on a wintry evening is not entirely inviting nonetheless the trip from the airport to the Ibsens Hotel was quick and exciting. So funny that already the pronunciation of the metro stations made me happy. Of course once we arrived at the Ibsens and were welcomed with a happy hour beer I was officially in love with the city.

We started our tour with a stop at the Torvehallerne about 250 from our hotel (we needed to warm up already and it looked inviting from the outside). A local produce market but under a roof. What better way to get to know what Copenhagen had to offer? We took a good look around, noticed the enticing specialties and without sampling anything, left again when we were warmed up sufficiently.

Torvehallerne @Copenhagen

The point was to stay hungry for our dinner since Copenhagen is a culinary pinnacle. We wanted to wait for the best. To tide us over until dinner we fell into Brewpub (because there was space at the bar and it was only a block from Bror restaurant). Here we learned (only because I asked the guy next to us the bar) that in the time before Christmas one doesn’t order any other beer besides the Christmas beer. Superior taste, more alcohol content while the price stays the same. No wonder that everybody we met was drinking Christmas beer. We were already in a hyygelig mood and didn’t even know that this existed! Yours, Pollybert

Brewpub @Copenhagen

girl squad @Copenhagen

PS: Apparently I have been living the hyggelig concept already since a long time even though I didn’t even know a word for this existed. According to the Hygge House (a really lovely website):

“Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. Whether it’s making coffee a verb by creating a ritual of making it then lingering over a cup to a cosy evening in with friends to the simple act of lighting a candle with every meal. Hygge is being aware of a good moment whether it’s simple or special.


Hygge is about being present enough to recognize and acknowledge an act, moment or feeling when the ordinary feels extraordinary.”

I hope you also have a lot of hygge in your life! Yours, Pollybert

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