Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella: I didn’t even know that Sophie Kinsella wrote YA books. I was expecting something completely different more like the Shopaholic series. This book is about Audrey though and her way back to herself. After an incident (not clear but probably bullying in school) she has to spend some time in a hospital and then visits regularly a therapist. This condition affects her whole family and it’s not easy for them to cope with it. Interesting book and I liked the secondary characters.


13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson: The concept of sending someone on a scavenger hunt is not new. To have the clues in hands though is something else. Ginny gets 13 blue envelopes from her aunt after she has passed away. These send her to London and from there her trip all over Europe starts. Kind of typical then that she falls in love working on task number three. It doesn’t end with envelope number 13 though, that’s why there is a sequel. Best read on a lazy day on the beach. A rainy day on the couch works as well.


Trümmerkind by Mechtild Borrmann: in the winter of 1947 four persons were found strangled and naked in the ruins of Hamburg. The book is based on this real tragedy and gives the victims a background story. And the story is amazing! It is not only about the grizzly murders but also about the time in Germany right after the war. How did people cope with everything? A hard life that made children grow up fast. Very intense story and well told.


The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton: The booked is based on the real event of the Great Train Robbery of 1855. It is more a study of the Victorian society and its habits. I loved the daring plot of the robbery and how much planning was involved. In the end though of course it all came differently, nothing goes ever as smoothly as planned. Which added another layer of spice to the book. An entertaining read with an unexpected outcome.

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