A weekend in Altaussee

The Salzkammergut in Austria is an immensely popular area due to its many lakes and mountains. The water quality is amazing and the view is pretty. It’s one of the most beautiful areas in Austria. It’s also know for a lot of ‘local’ rain. So when the weather report mentions rain for the area, it can hang there for days. no matter what time of the year. Since there is not much else to do, it’s time to discover Austria and on a weekend in July I drove to Altaussee.

The weather god was not with us and the report promised copious amounts of rain. But as I said the region is unpredictable. And while we had a lot of rain, we also got some sunshine. Upon our arrival at the Hagan Lodge Altaussee was grey and the Loser almost vanished behind clouds.

Hagan lodge with Loser in the back @Altaussee

The area around the Hagan Lodge is beautiful enough to get your nature fix. Of course if you are more into hiking, then you definitely should make your way up the Loser. This is easily done in an afternoon. But for a more leisurely activity go for a walk or run in the area around the lodges. The fresh air will get your appetite going.

going for a walk @Altaussee

view on the Sandling @Altaussee

walking with view on the Loser @Altaussee

Of course you can also go mountain biking or visit the nearby high rope course.

high rope course @Altaussee

I did neither. Just spent a lazy day in front of our lodge, read a book, listened to some music and breathed in the fresh mountain air. There is a reason why this lounger has basically my name on it.

my favorite lounger @Altaussee

For dinner we went to the Postillion’s Einkehr. This is a typical Styrian ‘Heuriger‘ with a really amazing outdoor seating. I am glad we booked a table because the place was full not half an hour later. Especially the fried chicken is really popular here.

garden seating @Postillion’s Einkehr

The next day unfortunately brought again grey sky and low hanging clouds. We still managed to get to the lake though it was too cold to go swimming. At least for me. But no matter the weather, you can always risk walking around the lake. Yours, Pollybert

walking around the lake @Altaussee

waiting for some wind @Altaussee

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