A weekend in Reichenau

Reichenau is about a good hour from Vienna. Which makes it an ideal weekend destination. Even more so since Reichenau also has interesting cultural program in the summer. After I booked  rooms for all the family at Hotel Knappenhof, I organized also tickets for a comedy show on Friday evening. Manuel Rubey’s new program ‘Goldfisch‘ was a big hit with us. An even bigger hit was the view from the hotel terrace, where we spent the first afternoon with coffee.

view from the terrace @Knappenhof

Dinner that first evening was a casual affair at Mostheuriger Leo-hof, which I can total recommend. Great food, tasty cider, reasonable prices for the area. The great food continued next morning at breakfast. I love that the Knappenhof has no buffet but makes everything to order. So of course when I spied a version of eggs Benedict on the menu, this is what I got. But there is enough for everyone with an extra plate of cold cuts and cheese for the table, as well as a bread basket, jam and lots more. Breakfast is indeed a tasty meal at the Knappenhof.

eggs Benedict with zucchini @Knappenhof

cold cuts and bread basket @Knappenhof

After this indulgent morning meal it was time for some exercise. With two octogenarians in tow it made sense to use the cable car to get to the top of the Rax. No point in blowing all of their stamina to make it only to the base station of cable car by walking, if even. So we booked some tickets  (everything needs to be prebooked during an ongoing pandemic) and soon we had this view to gorge on.

waiting for the cable car @Rax

first look onto the valley below @Rax

Since we had also prebooked the descent, we started right away with a rather leisurely walk to the Schutzhütte Ottohaus. According to the plan it takes about 45min, and we arrived at the lodge in under an hour. Way to go, I have to say, that was quite an achievement.

wayside cross on the way to the Ottohaus @Rax

Ottohaus in the distance @Rax

the family resting at Ottohaus @Rax

While everyone rested I climbed a bit higher up to get a good shot of the Ottohaus and to see what the view was like from here.

the Ottohaus from higher ground @Rax

somewhere above Ottohaus @Rax

The walk back to the cable car station on top the Rax was uneventful and we even managed a coffee break before boarding the cabin.

returning to the cable car @Rax

After this tiring excursion it was only fitting to stay at the hotel that evening and enjoy the full capabilities of Max Stiegl and his kitchen team. A full moon was lighting the terrace and made for a dreamy atmosphere. No wonder we went to bed rather early. Yours, Pollybert

full moon on the terrace @Knappenhof

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