Breakfast at Liebling im Volkstheater

As soon as I heard about Liebling im Volkstheater I made a reservation for breakfast. A bar with breakfast and a garden in the city was hard to come by. So of course I had to see for myself if it lived up to my expectations. The garden is beautiful, especially now in this summer heat. Lots of green shrubs, oleander, and other fragrant flowers hide most of the garden from nosy passerby. Umbrellas and tree help to keep this place cool.

garden area @Liebling im Volkstheater

The breakfast menu is short and has some really interesting dishes on it. Like the Turkish eggs. This dish of cold yogurt and eggs I have never seen in a restaurant so far. If you know of a place in Vienna, please send me the details. Definitely the thing I wanted to try on this warm summer day. The yogurt comes with herbs, and instead of the usual chili oil it comes with spicy walnut oil on top of the poached eggs.

Turkish eggs @Liebling im Volkstheater

I loved the yogurt with the herbs and the oven roasted tomatoes added a very nice flavor. It was a nice dish, which could have been great if the eggs had been warm. Also, the toasted croissant didn’t work with it. But the dish itself had wonderful flavors.

The other breakfast dish was called ‘Bio Tartiflette‘. If the name doesn’t tell you anything, don’t worry. We didn’t know what it was either. The description talked about baked Camembert, roasted potatoes with bacon, a fried egg, and tomato jam.

Bio Tartiflette @Liebling im Volkstheater

There was nothing French about the Tartiflette, despite its name it rather reminded us of a typical Austrian Tiroler Gröstl. The only different thing was the slice of Camembert between the egg and the roasted potatoes. And the of course the jam, which was not tomato after all but onion. All in all it was totally underwhelming, even more so since this dish was cold as well.

Liebling im Volkstheater is just starting out and will probably need more time to get in gear. That counts for the service as well for the kitchen. The garden has already impressed me though. Yours, Pollybert


Liebling im Volkstheater
1070 Wien, Arthur-Schnitzler-Platz 1
Tel: +43 1 52111667
Mon-Sat: 09:00-24:00


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