Chasing my Forever by Heidi McLaughlin: Nola and Quinn are such a cute match, it was a pleasure to read about their journey. At least until it all starts to unravel. Once disaster strikes the book feels rushed and quite sloppy. Which is really too bad because the beginning was great. Such a disappointment then that the author didn’t keep the ice up. I was positively surprised though how much better book number three was than book two in the ‘Beaumont Next Generation’ series. So let’s see what the next book in the series brings.


Peyton & Noah by Heidi McLaughlin: One would think that these two, after loving each other since forever, get hitched without a problem. Not so though, otherwise there would not be another book or rather a novella in the series. There was a lot of inner monologue I could have done without and lots of repetition from book number three. I get it that the timeline is parallel but do we really need to read about every situation from four different point of views? Still, happy to report they got married!


Fighting for our Forever by Heidi McLaughlin: The end of the ‘Beaumont’ series is here with last book in the series. Ajay is a character who didn’t pop up until Quinn’s story (book #2 of the next generation). Since he is kind of adopted by Katelyn and Harrison (book #2 of the Beaumont series), he needed his own book so that all children get their story told. Actually I am wondering now if the two younger might get a book as well. Still, for me this book marks the end of series, and I am quite happy about it. The book was better than expected although cheesy too. But who cares, it’s a love story after all.


Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan: Usually the books about WWII are hardship stories with a lot of tragic details. Pino Lella’s story is no different in regards to the hardships, but it’s also totally awe inspiring. His story picks up in 1943 in Milan when he is 17 and only interested in girls (who want nothing to do with him). But what’s happening then, but Pino survives, achieves, and experiences is unbelievable. Even more impressive is the fact that this is a true story. Very good book!


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