What and where to eat in Legazpi City

My favorite place for beer and a quick bite to eat in Legazpi city was Kafé Kronan. It was right around the corner from my guesthouse, plus it had a nice enough terrace. The beer was cold, my sandwich good, but the chips way too salty. Service was very friendly!

terrace @Kafé Kronan

beer @Kafé Kronan

sandwich and chips @Kafé Kronan

I never really had breakfast in Legazpi city, but went directly for lunch. I ate it at Small Talk Cafe, which is also just around the corner from the guesthouse. I ordered the Pasta Pinangat, with Pinangat being something typical for the region. It’s some kind of minced fish, and it was spicy. The spaghetti appeared to be some kind of fusion idea. Overall quite tasty, although I sweated profusely while eating it. There was a lot of chili inside.

Pasta Pinangat @Small Talk Cafe

For dessert I ate Halo-Halo, also something really typical. It’s colorful ice cream with cereals, jello, and corn. I actually liked it a lot, but the portion was too big.

Halo-Halo @Small Talk Cafe

I tried a Buko shake from a stall, while walking through the residential area of Legazpi  city. It’s some kind of coconut milk shake. It was okay, but not earth shattering.

Buko shake @Legazpi City

On my second evening I had dinner at the SM City Legazpi, which is a huge shopping mall across the local bus station. It was honestly quite unbelievable to find such a mall here, but I found it convenient to spend some time. And not just because of its great air condition. So I walked around for a bit and then followed the recommendation from the shake lady.

I ate my dinner at 1st Colonial grill and ordered Lechon Kawali, which crispy fried pork belly, but as Busog Sulit meal. It came with soup and a drink, an ice tea in my case, some rice and some noodles. All on one plate. There was a choice between steamed rice and Tinapa rice. Since I didn’t know Tinapa, that’s what I got. Always adventurous, but that is not always the best choice. The Tinapa rice had little flakes in it, which smelled and tasted of fish. I cannot say that this will be my favorite food. The taste and smell of fish with the deep fried pork belly didn’t really work for me. The deep fried pork belly was also dry after all the frying. So I ate the noodles and didn’t enjoy the rest.

Busog Sulit @1st Colonial Grill

To be fair that is probably on me and my taste and not the restaurant. Everyone else seemed to love it there. Yours, Pollybert

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