The Gorges

We started late to see the gorges. First up was Todra Gorge. For this we went back to Arfoud from Merzouga. By doing so we also gave Muhammed a lift. Once there Hamid decided to buy a pair of yellow shoes. The same ones as his friend had. So we stopped at a shop to get them. Inside I decided I wanted them too. I had already admired them in the desert while we had the Berber BBQ. They looked soft and comfy, and their yellow color sure looked great. So I said I wanted one too and asked for the price. For me it was 200, for Hamid 70 Dirham. Of course in the end I paid only 70 as well, Hamid made sure of it. But the cheekiness to ask for three times more. So now I know where to start bargaining.
Around 1:30 we made it to Todra Gorge and it is fascinating! High rocks everywhere. Very cold of course where there is no sun. And quite a few sellers of jewelry, clothes and so on. I bought two silver bracelets, and the two more from a guy who told me that he hasn’t sold anything today and that he needed money for his family. A story like this always gets to me. And although I said 10 times no before, in the end I bought some stuff. I know, I know…I really have work on my no-saying skills!
From there we went into town and finally had lunch. Brochettes with liver (was so-so), Tajine with meat and Kofte. Plus Hamid wrapped one of our beers in paper and I enjoyed it with the meal. Delicious!
And on we went to Dades Gorge where you can see the monkey toes. Rock formations that look like toes but for me they resembled either mushrooms or the male organ. Whatever you want to see. It was breathtaking as well . Honestly there are just not enough adjectives to describe this beautiful, ever changing landscape.




Finally all the way at the end of the gorge right at the top we had this view.


We had a coffee in the restaurant on top and took in the beauty while I tried not to freeze to death. When we drove down again I noticed goats in the steep rocks grazing for food.
We made it to the hotel Chez Pierre. The American couple I shared the desert experience with and I were the only guests. We had such a wonderful evening there, dinner was excellent. We had a 4 course meal with two kinds of desserts. And I had with it a bottle of Moroccan Sauvignon Blanc. A huge success this little place and can highly recommend it. Here we are all after dinner with both our drivers.

Until tomorrow, Pollybert

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