Into the wild

Our cab driver was right on time. 4:30am sharp and we were off to the airport. Had a very interesting flight to Manaus. Thereby going first to Recife, then Fortaleza, then Belem and finally Manaus. On the first flight I was in seat 24C next to Sylvia, for the second I had to change to 23F, and the last two legs of the journey I could stay in 24C. Online check-in via phone is killing me.

Here are some aerial views from the Amazon.

At 1:40pm local time we finally arrived, having now a time difference to Vienna of 5 hours. Took a cab to our hotel, the lovely Boutique Hotel Casa Teatro. It is in a prime location, right next to the theater,wifi is working excellent, modern and clean room, but super small. Ours is like a walk-in closet with NO window.


So no privacy at all here.
We took in all the sights in the afternoon. There is not a lot to see. Besides the theater, a market from Eiffel and some customs office building that was built in Scotland and then brought stone by stone over to Manaus. The last two sights are next to the port. Really not a place where you should be after dark. Already at daylight I didn’t feel too comfortable.



Even there a nice smile is important.

We went back to the theater, which is beautifully renovated and the square around is the single nicest thing in Manaus. Sooner or later you see most tourists from the plane there.

We had a late lunch at an open kitchen on the street and went after for a ‘suco’ and a beer.

Some more impressions from Manaus will have to tie you over until I have wifi again. Tomorrow we will be boarding our ship for the Amazon cruise and I am pretty sure there will be no wifi.
Yours, Pollybert




PS: I finished ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain‘ by Garth Stein on the plane. Quite embarrassing cause I was crying my eyes out. Very emotional story and such a quick and entertaining read. Have now started with ‘Between Shades Of Gray‘ by Ruta Sepetys. A story about the Lithuanian annexation by the Soviets. Super interesting!

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