Leaving Lencois

Today is a travel day again. We are leaving Lencois and are going back to Salvador. So no tour today, just a very relaxing morning, a long breakfast, saying hi to Flash (the dog from the Pousada), and writing the blog. Just the way a vacation should be, not only rushing around all the time but also taking time for oneself.


I am also wondering about the state and weight of my luggage. When I checked-in in Vienna my pack bag was 16.3kg including the Sacher cake I brought to Rod. When we later checked-in in Rio on our way to Salvador I had 18.3kg without cake. And I don’t think my soft shell jacket weighs 2kg. So how is that possible? Is it the humidity in the clothes or, so gross, the dirt in it?
I am only pondering this question since I carry the extra weight on my shoulders.

We are now already on the bus to Salvador and compared to the bus which brought us here, it is a veritable luxury coach. The seats can be pushed so far back that one is almost horizontal. The trip passed uneventful, no accidents on the road, just some fire we could see.
I finished ‘An Abundance of Katherines‘ by John Green and started with ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain‘ by Garth Stein. I enjoyed the John Green book, it is already my second one by him and it reads very fast. Was maybe not as interesting as ‘Looking for Alaska‘, but can still recommend it, if one enjoys YA books.

We have now arrived at our final destination for tonight the Pousada Bougainville . The cab driver had to call twice to find the location. I really would not want to spend my vacation here, but it is close to the airport and therefore has some advantages.
Let’s call it a night and I will just finish my beer. Yours, Pollybert

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