“One Day” the rain will stop

Last week I went to a concert with my friend Sylvia. She invited me to see Asaf Avidan at the Gasometer. Although she already told me weeks in advance that we would go, I didn’t make the time to listen to any of his songs on YouTube. So the afternoon before the concert I went online and checked out some his songs.
Before going to the concert though we used the chance of being in the 3rd district to try a new restaurant/pub that has been around already a couple of months but I never made it there. It is an Irish pub with an excellent cook! The place is called O’Connor’s Old Oak
Basically there is only one song that I know of and that is One Day.
what I found really interesting was that he had no supporting act and started with right on time. Of course when he sang the first note, I thought “Oh my God” I am not sure I can go through two hours of this. But after a while I got used to his high singing voice which was actually quite different from his speaking voice. Plus he had some beautiful songs in his set list. A very enjoyable treat!

Still in O’Connor’s Old Oak


A special thank you to Sylvia here, first for inviting me and second for providing the pictures!

By the way I finished “Fall of Giants” from Ken Follet, read “The Bell jar” by Sylvia Plath for the book club and started with “Winter of the World” part 2 of the Century Trilogy from Ken Follet. Ken Follet is really an easy read, not as entertaining as he used to since his characters are becoming more and more two-dimensional. I am not sure why I am bothering with book number 2? Maybe because once I have started something I will finish it.
Sylvia Plath surprised me in a positive way. I liked “The Bell Jar” although it is not an uplifting story once you know the background. But the coming of age story was well written and observed, the characters nicely drawn and interesting. I finished it in a day.

In other happy news in eleven days I am off to Rhodes, Greece. Hopefully the weather there will be a lot better than here. We had floods and high water in Austria for the last week and last night it started to rain again in Vienna. And we can’t even be miserable about it since we still have a roof over our heads while lots of people in Austria plus in our neighboring countries lost so much! All the best!
Yours, Pollybert

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