Life’s a beach

We spent the whole day yesterday at our little ‘private’ beach. The mostly English people in our hotel Vallian Village tend to stay at the pool (for which they reserve the sun chairs around 6am), so we and a couple of local youngsters are the only ones at the beach every day. Early afternoon we go for a sandwich and ice coffee to the ‘Whispery Sea’, the only available beach bar. They are kind of stuck in the 80s music wise and I feel quite young listening to Europe (The final countdown) and others (wish my memory was better, maybe not so young after all).
Last evening we forwent dinner at the hotel (everybody was right that when English people rate food as excellent it is a far cry from edible) and headed into Paradisi for beer and food. We were greeted at the bar like regulars (what an achievement at the second visit, might have something to do with the lack of other tourists) and got invited for a beer (cheers!).
Thoroughly enjoyable day, made even better with the knowledge that Vienna it was raining at 13 degrees!
Yours, Pollybert




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