Happy, so happy

The Women’s Run in Vienna is always a big spectacle. It is also a chance for me to see if I have improved my running skills and speed. This year, instead of the usual team of four, we were only two (with around 31k other women). Which meant that I had to run alone because my team-mate had some serious training deficit.

So along with thousand of others we lined up and waited for the start.
And then we started and I ran like crazy, almost at least. I listened to Lilly Allen and credit her album “It’s not me, it’s you” for the perfect run along music. Because I am getting nearer to my goal of 5:30/km for 2014. Drumroll please! Here are the results:
I ranked 181 of 1606 or so who qualified in my age group. Isn’t that great? So I achieved a km time of 5:35 with my worst km just under 6 minutes. That’s so amazing and gives me hope that this year I can get under the 5:30 in a 5k race. I know that I bore some of you with my sports achievements but I am super proud of myself and couldn’t help smiling all day yesterday!
Yours, Pollybert


  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Gratulation!!!! ;-)

  2. großartig, Sissy !!! Da muss ich mich jetzt warm anziehen und endlich wieder anfangen, sonst rennst Du mir sowas von davon !! Bussi

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