Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin: Finally, I finished it! What a sentiment to have for a book. It took me ages and then some to read this book. Have also abandoned the thought of reading anything beside it, otherwise I would never have gone through with it. It is definitely weird, the language, the story, the characters. The motivating factor to start it was that it had been made into a movie with Colin Farrell. I am still wondering what the movie is like, but the book is just too much. The mumble jumble of the words was just not for me. I love buying thick books, then I get more for my money, but here I just got a lot more frustration.


The Snowman by Jo Nesbo: I couldn’t stop reading it while at the same time I was afraid what would happen next. Not so much about gruesome details, but the fear keeps you awake. I would advise to read it outside during a sunny day. Not for the faint of heart!



The Postmistress by Sarah Blake: The fate of three women during WWII is engrossing. I loved that there was a female radio reporter and a different angle to the war-love story. The characters are well drawn and show all facets of their personality. No one-dimensional person here. A smart and interesting read!



The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion: Quite the different kind of chick lit. Even though definitely a love story, it is told from the man’s perspective. Plus the man has probably Asperger syndrome. Which makes for an interesting read, still I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly. Entertaining but not too stimulating.



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