Beach days

There is no stopping the laziness which only gets bigger the less one does. Andrea and I are big believers in doing exactly nothing while on vacation.
We started our program on Tuesday with a sleep-in and then a full day on Pappa Beach which is 900m after Ireon.

219 220

The 900m are of course measured from the other end of the village. Never mind we are young and still strong to walk the 1500m in scorching heat. Ok, that might be a lie, I was glad once we arrived to go swimming right away. Pure bliss!

222 223 227

It’s a beautiful and idyllic place, like small laguna. In the afternoon we went for Greek salad and ice coffee to the restaurant at the beach. We got over-charged by one drink (which we noticed) but later heard that this is a regular occurrence. So if you come here, check your bill. And this even though the place is blessed!

The evening program consisted again of football and dinner. We already found a bar where we are spending our pre- and after-dinner time. These pictures though are from the first evening when we didn’t know any better and just selected the hang-out place by the view.

206 207 208

Wednesday was spent at the beach right in front of our hotel. We are lucky by having a beach with a large tree, therefore it’s not necessary to get a sun bed and an umbrella. Also I prefer to lie a little on the side instead in a row with all the other tourists. Always an elitist, I know. Plus I already got used to sleeping on a pebble beach last year and feel like a fakir this year.

In the late afternoon we decided on a cultural visit to the Hera temple. The temple is around 1km from the village, this time though from our end. We followed our instinct and the directions from the guide book because the island does not find it necessary to put up any signs. After 15 min of walking in sweltering heat we reached the Heraion and found it closed. Contrary to the guide book it doesn’t stay open until 7pm but only until noon. Also when you look at the pictures the whole area makes quite an abandoned impression. It’s not according to our hotel lady.

233 235 236

On the way back to Ireon we stopped and admired to local flora and fauna. The goat especially got a bit nosy. Could stop him just in time before he made any further inquiries.
Yours, Pollybert

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  1. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Ok, so you are talking to a goat. Isn’t it rather a sheep/ram? ;-)

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