A lovely young man

After two and half days doing next to nothing – although I find “doing nothing” might be up for discussion. I really find that we did a lot. We had to decide which beach to grace with our presence (here we are the eye candy), to discover the village, decide every evening which half of the game to watch (aka go for a beer right after the beach or have a beer on the balcony of the hotel while getting ready for the evening and chose a restaurant for dinner. All of this can be very exhausting, so glad we are on vacation to relax from these exertions – it was time to explore the island.

We took the bus up north to Samos City or Vathi. The view from above was quite impressive, the windows of the bus to dirty though to take any pictures. Vathi is known for its old part, which we didn’t see. Honestly it was hot and humid, and there were better things to do like shopping. True enough, but we also went to see the church “Agios Spyridonas” and the archeological museum. Ha, I am sure you wouldn’t have guessed that. The museum has quite a few impressive pieces, some of which were found at the Heraion. For example this “Kouros” which means young man. I wonder what Hera did with him?

258 260 261 262 266 270 356

Later on the way to the shopping area we passed through a small park, quite an oasis in the otherwise bare city. Thinking about it now, I have no idea why there are no other trees in villages.
Since Greece’s economy is in the cellar we tried to support them to the best of our abilities. Am taking home some lovely things.

The rest of the day was spent in the usual fashion, first a drink at our bar to hydrate again, then on the beach practicing for my future as a fakir and with an extremely late and large lunch. The small fish fried with onion might not look like much on the picture but was one of the best things we had so far.

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Since lunch was really super late at 5pm we didn’t make it to dinner that evening. Just had drinks at our favorite bar, the mezze they serve with them don’t count of course.
Yours, Pollybert

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