Exploring the island or not?

Wednesday was another lazy beach day for me. The others rented quads to roam the island while I just wanted to relax on the beach. I read and slept and soaked up the sun from the shade and had the perfect day. Later on I was joined again at the beach and for dinner we decided on a place a bit outside of the village.

First of course we appreciated the quiet hour on the beach between 6-7pm, then went for a sun downer at Drakos again and only after the obligatory romantic sunset (which is so much better when you can share it with two people) did we make our way back to get ready for dinner.

We drove to Polydoros, again recommended by Petros and were not disappointed. This time we were invited into the kitchen to look at the bounty that was on offer. Of course once we saw what’s on the stove we ordered way more than was good for us and in the end it was the first time we couldn’t finish. What a waste of a great goat, grilled sardines and a moussaka with a hint of cinnamon.

A bit full from all the great food it took a while for the little quad to accelerate, in the end it was possible to leave Polydoros behind. On the way to it we saw something that looked like an illuminated fairy tale castle and which for the others was inexplicably since when they passed this way during the day it looked like a massive building shell. So not true because we just found the hottest club on the island.

Pathos just opened six weeks ago, probably not on the must see list here on Ios and with the off-season in full swing a bit deserted for the moment. I guess this all will change by next year, so I am glad I saw it now.

This is one amazing party place and we promised ourselves to come back for a sun-downer. The view by sunset must be spectacular besides using the infinity pool while watching it.
Yours, Pollybert





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