Another sunny morning greeted me and I decided on having breakfast. The advantage of sleeping without AC is getting slowly awakened by the ever-increasing temperature. So shortly after 8am I made my way to the breakfast area only to find out that it will not start before 8:30. Talk about a lazy start of your day.

Just sitting around, breathing in the warm air and not doing anything puts me in vacation modus. This feeling of endless time and lazy days ahead can’t get better. Eventually though other guests arrived and the quiet was disturbed by clamoring and chattering.
When Pat and later C showed up the place was packed.

We decided on taking the bus to Mylopotas beach that day. This beach is supposedly the best on the island, with sun chairs, restaurants and volleyball areas. The beach in front of our hotel has actually the same features minus the volleyball court, but on the second day we needed to see what was out there.

Mylopotas is great place to start doing nothing. The beach was exactly as promised, a horse shoe shaped, sandy area with a few scattered trees in the back that gave much needed (for me) shade stretching for kilometers. I wouldn’t know how many but the bus has a couple of stations along the beach.

The beach is bordered on one end by big rocks that are comfortable to sit on and on the other side by a picturesque little fish tavern called Drakos.
The day turned into on long stretch if doing what we do best, which is nothing. Lazily taking a walk to the rocks to while away an hour by looking at the sea can be the high point of an already perfect day.

We shared a bit of rosé in one of the stylish bars on the way to the bus. The drink turned into sunset watching since the scenery was jaw-droppingly beautiful. You can’t just get up and leave when your mind is busy processing something utterly stunning.


Finally around 9pm we made it back to the hotel (a 10 minutes bus ride), showered, changed and were back on the bus up the mountain to the main town of Ios. Our host here, Petro from Petros Place recommended a couple of places for us and we thought we would try another one. This time we went up to Katogi. We had to wait a bit at the bar until we got a table. But the wait was worth for because we sampled a cucumber delight, a heavenly drink of gin, cucumber, lime, kiwi and club soda. This drink is summer in liquid form, haven’t had anything better so far!

Also, and this surprised me, the food was excellent. Therefore no pictures again. Everything we ordered was great, super tasty and just a notch better.


C and I stayed for another round of cucumber delights and a couple of shots in celebration of the chef’s birthday. The bar crew made us feel welcome and included in their celebration! If you ever come in this part of Greece, go and enjoy their hospitality!
On the way down to Ios port we sampled another club just before hitting the famous stairs. We made it down without difficulties, the port had us back not worse for the little detour.
Yours, Pollybert


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  2. Patricia Sylvia Bukovacz

    Did I miss out on a new rule: delicious food – no photo, or what? ;-)

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