A chick lit without a special draw. I liked the main character who is very relatable but then she has a bee in her bonnet and all of a sudden she looses her appeal. It made the story unbelievable and drawn out. The love story itself is cute but only happens at the end and is very short in comparison with the storyline of the secondary characters. All in all a bit disappointing.





This was the war in front of our door step and the world and us included just looked on. The city of Sarajevo was under siege for four years and thousands of people died. The cellist is not a fictional character but the book is a work of fiction based on actual events. What makes it all the more horrifying is that currently in Europe we have another war going on where the world again just looks on. Also there is a massive refugee crisis with people coming from war-torn countries and the right-wing parties just get more popular. The war in Yugoslavia might be long over but it has never been more current (a book club read).



I bought this book on my last day in Kathmandu. In anticipation of traveling to Tibet I thought I would love to read a book about the area. That did not happen at all because I only started it in August, after being back already a couple of weeks, and took me until the middle of October to finish. The book is a travel diary from 1964 with a lot history of Mustang and a lot of descriptions. While it is certainly interesting to read, it is also boring and long-winded. Nonetheless it is something to treasure because the author was one of the first foreigners to enter Mustang and therefore his book is living history.



First book in a long time that a book had me hooked right from the start. I began reading it on a Saturday and finished it on Monday during lunch break. I didn’t like Moriarty’s bestseller The Husband’s Secret but this one was great. Not predictable (at least for me) and a convincing story line. It starts right away with the death of someone and you don’t know until the end who has died. It’s not a murder mystery but rather a social behavioral study of a closed knit community. Thoroughly enjoyable read!



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