Let’s go Atletico!

The next morning started lazy with a long breakfast, some leftover Cava and even better, some leftover chocolate soufflé. It tasted delicious in the morning like a decadent chocolate bread with whipped cream. I do love being spoiled in the morning!

When we finally made our way into the city it was already late in the morning. The sun was out and Madrid was bathed in golden light. What I found most amazing was that the trees were still carrying their leaves. Back home they were long gone. Our first stop was the Palacio Real just to get some pictures from the outside. With the nice weather nobody was in the mood to line up and go inside. After a quick round inside the Almudena Cathedral we deserved another “pit stop”. We walked to a beautiful square that we had seen the day before on our walking tour.

Thus refueled we were off to the next item on the list, Massimo Dutti, which is a Spanish chain even though it sounds Italian (this had lead to a bit of confusion). The only one who shopped something was yours truly. I really love my new pieces, so even though I felt guilty at first dragging everyone to the store, I am super happy about it.

From there we already had to make our way to the Plaza de Cibeles (passing the Paque de el Retiro) to meet Peter for the best part of my day! A football game between Atletico Madrid and Espanyol. But before that we still had time for a drink on the terrace of the Palacio de Cibeles. Then Susi and I were whisked away by Peter to the stadium. After picking up our tickets (thank you so much Peter!!) Susi got us some sunflower seeds which we ate like the locals all through the game. That means opening the hard shell, sucking out the seed and then throwing the rest on the floor. All of this was accompanied by singing and other supporting noises of the enthusiastic Atlectico fans (to hear and see it all click here). Discussions between the host and me due to the lack of 20-20 vision on either side ensured that the time passed quickly. I have to admit though that I was quite sad that Torres was not playing in my line of vision. The least I expected was for him to make an extra round at the end and wave in my direction. Really, what is this world coming to?

In the end Atletico had won the game (the goal was already in the seventh minute) and we had to leave the stadium. Moving along with the crowd we walked for a bit and then some more until we had walked all the way to the restaurant, the splendid Villa Paramesa. But this is another story. Yours, Pollybert

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