Die unglaubliche Reise des Fakirs, der in einem Ikea-Schrank feststeckte (Romain Puértolas): I finished it almost in one go on the bus ride to Zagreb. And while it was not great, it was definitely entertaining. I don’t know if it was the French translation or if the author’s style is that simple, but the language reminded me more of a certain small-formatted newspaper. Probably made it easier to read it in one go!


Apart From The Crowd (Anna McPartlin): The version I was reading was called “No way to say goodbye” just in case you are wondering. I like a good chick lit and Anna McPartlin really does the genre justice. It’s never just entertaining, there is always a little message hidden somewhere. Here it gets a little bit overwhelming though with all these problems. Of course they get solved one way or another but there is not one character without a difficult life.


The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer: It took me a while to finish the book. It’s long and long-winded in some places but slowly it draws you in and then you just want to keep on reading. Six teenagers, three girls and three guys, call themselves “The Interestings” and you follow their lives. But life doesn’t always take the path that you imagine, sometimes it leads you in a different direction altogether. And that’s what makes it interesting!


How To Be a Woman (Caitlin Moran): Apparently I was only reading books which took me ages to finish. This one was no exception. Which sounds totally unfair because in hindsight it was really good. I just noticed that i am not into books that don’t tell a story. The short chapters don’t invite me to pick up the book, rather to leave it in my bag or on the kitchen table. What I took away from this book is that declaring yourself a feminist shouldn’t have a negative ring to it. It means in her words:” Put your hand in your pants. Do you have a vagina? Do you want to be in charge of it? If you answered both questions with yes, then congratulations! You are a feminist!”. That didn’t hurt, didn’t it?

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