What I learned in Lyon

One might think that since France is right around the corner from Austria there are not so many differences or new things to learn, but this is not true. Here is what I learned in Lyon:

1.) They have mobile charging station where you need to bicycle to produce electricity.

2.) Supermarkets have digital pricing. This was the first time I have ever seen that.

3.) The croissants taste like heaven on earth in their home country!

4.) Streets are way wider and roomier than anything we have in Vienna.

5.) It’s amazing how bad my French is but people still understood me. It made the whole trip so much better. Note to myself, learn Chinese!

6.) There is a layer of dirt on everything, so if you are afraid of germs Lyon is not the right place for (probably all of France then).

7.) The traffic light figures are way slimmer than in Austria. The locals overall looked slimmer than here.

8.) There are still dream machines on every corner (or almost every corner). I think the last time I saw a condom vending machine was in a bathroom in some club.

9.) Don’t go anywhere near France around May 1st. This holiday is taken pretty seriously here.

10.) Actually when you travel for a weekend to France make that Thursday to Sunday and skip the Monday. So much is closed on this day, it’s not worth it.

11.) Street art is everywhere if you just take your time to look around.

12.) And as usual when traveling in the rainy season a bright and colorful umbrella makes everything better!

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