The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis: Hattie has eleven children  of which nine survive. This is her biggest heart-break and leaves her a hard woman. Her life is told in the span of six decades and with chapters of her children in between the changes in America unfold. Hattie is not a likable character, probably because her loss was so big. It makes for an interesting read especially since there is still no real equality.


Taguarí: Das Leben findet seinen Weg by Angelika Selina Braun: A book club read that would never have found the way onto my book list if not for that. Very hard to follow because of the repetitive story line. I took a break for a week around page 150 and just hoped for the best. When I picked it up again it was not much better. Shamanism is just not my topic. Also I can’t hear anymore about drinking yagé and then having a violent cleansing reaction to it.


The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett: What a wonderful story or let’s better say three stories. Eva and Jim meet when they are students but how different their lives unfold depending on the spur of the moment decisions. Great characters, drawn with depth and warmth and you will root for them until the heart-breaking end. Perfect beach read except that I was reading the end while on a boat trip and cried so much that I looked deranged.


The Girls by Emma Cline: It took me a while to get into the book. The main character called Evie is in the middle of puberty and far from likable. What makes the book interesting is the connection that develops between her and Suzanne, the other main character in the book. So weird and so fascinating what loneliness can do to you. How far she is willing to go to belong. How far would she have gone?


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