Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs: The unusual long title starts to make sense after a while and the peculiar children turn out to be children with “super powers”. Since they are peculiar they are all living together in a home which, you guessed it already, belongs to Miss Peregrine. It is all a bit like X-Men without the violence, or not that much at least. The book grows on you because in the beginning I wasn’t sure what to think about Jacob but eventually I rooted for him. After finishing it I noticed that it is of course a trilogy (why does everything have to be a trilogy nowadays?), so I will get the other two books and will read them eventually. It is quick and entertaining read though.


More Than This by Jay McLean: One night which is actually prom night changes everything for Mikayla. Honestly, I thought the first couple of chapters already pretty hard for her but that was only the beginning. A third into the book and her life is a disaster. Nonetheless you root for the girl until you just don’t understand what the hell is going on with Jake, her one and only and forever guy. The drama is getting more and more intense and after a while you just want to them to finally do it because the sexual tension that’s coming off these pages was beyond steamy. I kept on reading until it all came to the promised (for all involved characters as well). It’s an easy read and of course there is a book two and three. Doesn’t work any other way with YA literature anymore.


Suna by Pia Ziefle: The whole book I was wondering who Suna was and then finally on the last couple of pages there is an explanation for the title. The story is about Luisa though who starts on a quest to find her roots. Being an adoptive child cannot be easy, even more so when one day you have two sets of parents instead of one. And of course with the parents come their families. It’s about opening up and knowing where to belong, to find one’s identity. The background stories of all four parents make up the book and it is also about the history of Europe from the 70s to now. Nicely paced and wonderful characters. A thoroughly enjoyable read.


More Than Her by Jay McLean: Second part of the “More than …” trilogy. The characters of the first book play only subsidiary roles but are still there on the fringes. It is after all the same group of friends. Now it is Logan’s time to find the love of his life (why is that happening already at 21?) and like in the first book it is all rather tragic. These kids have all the misery in the world within their little group. Why aren’t there any regular characters? Nevermind, the story is as sexually charged as the first one which makes for a enjoyable read. The girl who gets Logan’s attention is a bit more authentic than Mikayla. The ending as well is an actual cliff hanger which makes me wonder what’s going to happen in book three? Probably more of Amanda and Logan.

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