Walking around Glencoe

After spending the night at the Cruachan Hotel in Fort William and starting the day with a hearty full Scottish breakfast I was ready to either go to war or work in a coal mine. Since none of these choices were available we settled on going back to Glencoe to the Visitor Centre and a walk in the area. Glencoe is also called the valley of tears due to the massacre that happened here in 1692. Leaving the sunshine of Fort William behind us, we headed into the overcast valley.

Good morning @Fort William


We started our visit of Glencoe with a tour through the museum which is small but interesting. Everything from the geological topography to flora and fauna and the history of the MacDonald Clan in the area was part of the exhibition. It also featured a short film about the massacre, so that everyone would get the historical meaning of this place. Duly affected by the government ordered slaughter we started walking.

The plan had always been to go trekking for half a day. Instead this never happened but we managed to walk for about an hour. That’s not so bad after all. The landscape was beautiful and with the clearing of the sky everything looked so much better.

walking around @Glencoe

walking around Glencoe

Once back at the car we wanted to see the actual monument of the massacre but took a wrong turn and instead drove around Loch Leven which was an excellent detour. The weather was getting steadily better, more and more blue sky showed up and made a wonderful background for the stunning scenery.

In the end we did find the massacre monument and spent a moment there contemplating all the lost lives. After that we were on the road again back to Fort William in search of the Harry Potter train bridge. Yours, Pollybert



  1. “The plan had always been to go trekking for half a day. Instead this never happened … ”
    I see! I will remember this when the two of us will be on the road again :-)

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