Glenfinnan Viaduct or the Harry Potter bridge

We stopped in Fort William to fill up on gas and were right across the street from the Ben Nevis distillery. Too bad that there was no time to visit, the one I saw in January had been so impressive. And the whisky was good!

Ben Nevis distillery @Fort William

But there was not time for everything, we had to make choices of what to see. Especially since we did a lot of detours. Some of them quite unintended.

Following the road across from the distillery turned out to be another unintentional detour. Eventually a friendly local told us to turn around and follow him. Really, one must love these people. They are super friendly and helpful. After just loosing 20 minutes on this trip we made it to Glenfinnan which is not only the place of the Viaduct aka the Harry Potter train bridge, but also the place where in 1745 Bonnie Prince Charles raised his standard and the rising began. History came alive again!

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Pollybert and Karin @Glenfinnan

Glenfinnan monument and Loch Shiel

We left Glenfinnan Viaduct behind us in the search of sustenance and the Eilean Donan Castle. It was bit out-of-the-way and not really on the original plan but we had seen a picture and wanted go. At the shop in the Visitor Centre at Glenfinnan we were told to turn back to Fort William and go from there but ‘Lola’, our satnav, had other plans and sent us onwards. The scenery was usual stunning (I know I am repeating myself, but can’t help it) and I took a couple of pictures from the car.

on the way to Mallaig

on the way to Mallaig

There was no stopping this time, we were on a mission until we arrived at Mallaig and noticed that ‘Lola’ had sent us to the ferry for which we had no tickets. The ferry was sold out but we could have lined up in the waiting lane. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t mind turning around a bit in beautiful Scotland but when you only have one long weekend you don’t want to wait in the car. So we did what we did best, we turned around and forgot about Eilean Donan Castle (actually it’s quite hard to forget about it, because it looks extraordinary. Therefore I have to go back again to Scotland!).

On the way back we were on the lookout for a bite to eat (no such chance) and photo ops (lots of them). We stopped at River Morar to check out its silver sands. Have you ever see anything this amazing?

River Morar

Meanwhile Karin was waiting in the car, starving and really anxious to get going. She needed something to eat, low blood sugar didn’t make her happy. So on we went but this is a different story.  Yours, Pollybert

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