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When I was a child dining out almost never happened and when it did only on special occasions. So when we would dine out the restaurant of my mother’s choice was Restaurant Eckel. The restaurant has been around for quite a while and it withstood the test of time. I have heard rave reviews from my friend Cat since forever and then this summer we even celebrated her wedding there. The food then was as delicious as she told me (and as I remembered), therefore on my latest visit I decided to finally review for this blog.

On a Saturday around lunch time the place is filled with mostly older clients, probably most of their clients are either older or families. The place doesn’t have the young and urban vibe to it rather something more traditional and genuine. It starts with the massive furniture and the meticulous set tables and goes on with the menu and the service.

dining room @Eckel

I love that the waiters as such are clearly visible in their standard black suit and white shirt. Service is very attentive and courteous. The restaurant has a standard menu and a changing seasonal one (I couldn’t say in what interval it changes). On this Saturday I ordered the same as at the wedding feast, Forelle Blau (trout ‘blue’). To get this blue color the trout has to be very fresh otherwise it wouldn’t turn blue. As always I got asked if I want it filleted but I rather do that myself. The fish got served with salt potatoes and liquid butter. Pure food bliss!

trout “blue” with salt potatoes @Eckel

My lunch companions all ordered something different, from pike with porcini risotto, to butter fried shrimps and calamari, rolled veal roast and roasted veal liver. All dishes looked perfectly well cooked and from the empty plates I concluded that they must have tasted just right.

pikeperch with porcini risotto @Eckel

grilled shrimps and calamari @Eckel

roasted veal with rice @Eckel

roasted liver with mashed potatoes @Eckel

For dessert we girls shared a portion of chestnut “rice”. The chestnuts get mixed with sugar and pressed through a potato ricer to obtain the typical vermicelli form. Add to this whipped cream and chocolate sauce and the caloric bomb is perfect. But the combination is outstanding and with three of us to share it, it was just the right amount of dessert.

chestnut rice with whipped cream @Eckel

In short, if you are looking for traditional Viennese cuisine in a homely atmosphere, this is the place to go. The cooking reminds me a lot of my grandmother’s although arranged a lot nicer on the plate. Every time I have been here the food here is just perfect. No experiments here, just great food. Yours, Pollybert

Restaurant Eckel
1190 Wien, Sieveringer Straße 46
Tel: (+43) 1 3203218
Tue-Sat: 11.30-14.30, 18.00-22.30

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