Impressions from around Naoussa and Paros

Since my vacation in Greece is already so long ago that it’s almost not true anymore and my friend Cat scolded me that my writing was boring when she has to read details of my holiday after I am back since ages, what is a girl to do? I listen or at least I try to and then re-write everything and hope for the best. So my vacation to Paros in September comes in a different format and let’s just all hope that Cat won’t get bored this time because then I will be mad. At me and her and just about everything else (probably not though because I understand where she is going with her comments and I love it that she doesn’t shut up about it).

You might have noticed that this last trip was parceled up in neat little post with a cute wrapping around for food and beaches and what not. So now comes the rest. The rest of all the pics I loved and that I really have to show you because I had such a good time and I can’t repeat often enough that Paros is worth your while. It’s absolutely beautiful with lots of stunning beaches and Naoussa is the perfect place to stay. Bars, restaurant, a nice little port and all the Greek charm you expect when going to Greece without the feeling that it’s just a show for the tourists. Perfect! Yours, Pollybert

Hotel Christina @Naoussa

port inlet @Naoussa

sleeping all day @Naoussa

dinner time @Paros


waiting for hungry tourists @Naoussa

Pollybert happy on holidays @Naoussa

refreshing @Antiparos

Hello Kitty @Naoussa


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