Zum Friedensrichter 

Dinner with friends is always special and the place of choice should mirror that. This is therefore  even more important when you are the one who invites. Then you really have to put some thought in the finding and choosing just the right place.

First of all we are a large group, I don’t want to go broke, I am a foodie and want to eat good food, if possible even great food. So that really needs some research, especially when the day was a Monday. I don’t know how these days are in your city but in Vienna there is poor faring for this weekday. Most places are closed as they are on Sundays. So with immense pleasure I was happy to announce that I would invite the Tuscany crowd to the restaurant ‘Zum Friedensrichter‘.

A simple Gasthaus with local Viennese cuisine and good online reviews. From the outside it looks just like that, simple and unassuming. Once inside you see that it is a typical turn of the century apartment converted in a restaurant.

inside of the restaurant @Zum Friedensrichter

I started my meal with goose soup and a little breadcrumb dumpling. I think I was the only one with a starter on this evening. The soup was good, piping hot, full of flavor and lots of meat.

goose soup with dumpling @Zum Friedensrichter

The main courses then were more varied. I tried the old-fashioned Viennese Backfleisch, which is a slice of beef marinated with mustard and horseradish and then fried. My meat was good, the accompanying potato salad so so.

Viennese fried beef @Zum Friedensrichter

Others had more luck with their choice. The fish pot was absolutely perfect as was the cooked beef with the usual side dishes. The fish apparently was good option, the pike perch also got rave reviews.

fish pot @Zum Friedensrichter

boiled beef with different sauces @Zum Friedensrichter

pikeperch @Zum Friedensrichter

What didn’t work was a staple dish in the Viennese cuisine, the dumplings filled with greaves. Unfortunately the kitchen cut the greaves too thick which made for an unpleasant experience. Both dinners who ate that as main course agreed on this.

dumplings filled with greaves @Zum Friedensrichter

The desserts on the other hand convinced again with the simple pleasure of pancakes with apricot jam. Perfectly cooked and filled with just the right amount of jam, just loved them. While the gingerbread parfait was too solid and overpowering in its taste.

pancakes with apricot jam @Zum Friedensrichter

gingerbread parfait @Zum Friedensrichter

The cheese course then reconciled us with the shortcomings of earlier dishes. Great selection at the right temperature.

cheese plate @Zum Friedensrichter

Overall the restaurant ‘Zum Friedensrichter’ is a good choice for typical Viennese food. Most of the dishes were well executed. Therefore that the dumplings didn’t live up the expectations can be survived. Service was attentive and friendly, prices are very reasonable. It kind of gave me an “at home” feeling. In short, I will go back for sure. Yours, Pollybert

Zum Friedensrichter
1020 Wien, Obere Donaustrasse 57
Email: office@zum-friedensrichter.at
Tel: +43 1 214 4875
Mon-Fri: 11:00-22:00

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