More impressions from Valladolid, Segovia and Madrid

Spending a weekend in a city, like in this case Madrid, doesn’t give me a lot to write about. There is the occasional restaurant review and maybe a couple of sightseeing posts if at all. But usually I have tons of pictures that don’t go anywhere with the story. Still, I love taking them and don’t want to delete any without giving you the chance to look them over. Feel free to let me know what you think. I found the trip fabulous, especially in the company of my friends who generously shared their pictures with me (and therefore you). Also how fun it was to visit a ‘local’ who showed us his usual haunts. Yours, Pollybert

houses in Valladolid

dried fish @Valladolid

amazing houses in Valladolid

there is a new chef in town @Valladolid

the streets of Valladolid

meat lover @Valladolid


how to best eat the ceviche @Villa Paramesa


Plaza Mayor @Valladolid

road trip @Valladolid

Pollybert soaking up the sun @Madrid



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