More impressions from Yunnan

China is so different from most countries that I have visited and the Yunnan is quite different from China. So while traveling the province of Yunnan up and down I took a lot of pictures that I couldn’t use all in my stories but which still give a good impression on how the trip was. Here are some that I liked best. Yours, Pollybert

roof tile details @Dali

love is everywhere, also in China @Dali

Babsi doing Qigong @Dali


writings on the wall @Dali

rent a car @Dali

Erhai lake @Dali

umbrella anyone? @Dali

all set for tea @Dali

selling insence @Dali

around the Tiger Leaping Gorge @Yunnan

small stupa in the middle of Shangri-La

the water mill at the entrance to the old town @Lijiang

Black Dragon Pool in the Jade Spring Park @Lijiang

feeding of the fish in the Black Dragon Pool @Lijiang

weaving done the traditional way @Lijiang

details of Lijiang

this could also be in Mexico @Lijiang

lovely details of Lijiang

this dog has quite the hair style @Lijiang

all hail the chief @Lijiang

do I have to feel lucky to arrive in one piece?

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