China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan: This is the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians but also works as a stand alone. As outrageous as the first one and sometimes even more over the top. Such wealth is just unbelievable for us ‘normals’ but to read about it is so much fun. Nick and Rachel are back in Asia with a short stop in Paris. Accompanied by a gaggle of super rich Asian girls, shopping takes on a complete new meaning. But who wouldn’t wish to go shopping like this at least once? Qualifies as perfect beach read with several lol moments.


Falling by Jane Green: Another audio book that I listened to while commuting to and from work. I really love Jane Green and I find here one of the best chick lit authors there are. But this one was a bit bland. The love story was way too short, I can’t really say that the chemistry between the two main characters was believable. and then I had some problems with Emma’s relationship with Dominic’s son. That was just plain weird. Her jealousy was almost disturbing. But not only this, just how the whole story developed and that all in a very short period of time was really implausible. No, I can’t say that I can recommend it. This is really only for the desperate who have nothing else to read.


After Flodden by Rosemary Goring: Flodden is not a chapter in Scottish history that I knew much about. A disaster of epic proportions that ended with the killing of the Scottish King James IV. The book is not so much about the advertised love story but rather a lesson in history on how this tumultuous end for numerous Scottish lords has come about. It is a bit long-winded and the love story happens in a subplot. Still it was a good book and stays with you for a while.


Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris: I really enjoyed listening to this book. And nearing the end, I stopped reading all other books to finish it. The story was almost unbelievable but then in its sinister way it creeps up on you and you understand what was happening. I sometimes thought the plot was a bit thin and obvious but the end surprised me and made up for a lot in between. I’m sure if you read it instead of listening, it’s a quick read.

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