Hotel am Brilliantengrund

One wouldn’t believe that an obscure little hotel in the 7th district hosts an excellent Filipino restaurant but stuff happens. The Hotel am Brilliantengrund is such a hotel and probably calling it obscure is a little unfair. I’ve known about it before, I just never imagined that dinner here could be so yummy. But let’s start at the beginning.

The hotel has a beautiful courtyard which in summer invites to while away hours on end. The furniture is strictly 60’s and 70’s (in my humble opinion but I actually don’t have a clue and I am not going to look it up) and looks amazing but is also comfy. Unfortunately we had to dine indoors, there was a storm in the making and I didn’t want my food to fly away. The menu is small, but every dish has a vegetarian option so I am sure even the pickiest eater will find something.

courtyard @ Hotel am Brilliantengrund

dining room @ Hotel am Brilliantengrund

There was also a summer menu when we were there, not sure if in winter just the regular menu is available because that would cut the available dishes in half. I settled on a typical Filipino dish, Bistek, and my friend tried the regular burger. Bistek turned out to be a thinly cut steak in some kind of lemony sauce with spring onions, fried onions as well as a bowl of rice and a small salad. The meat was tender, which is unusual when so thin and the combination of crunchy onion with spring onion was delicious. The whole dish was lovely and I put the rest of my rice in the salad dressing to soak this up as well. Super delicious and apparently super authentic (I have it from a  trustworthy source).

Bistek with fried onions @ Hotel am Brilliantengrund

The burger came with ‘sweet’ chicken and sweet potato chips. The bun was soft and the bean sprouts still crunchy. It was polished off as well and I was told that it was great. The chips that I tried were crunchy without being greasy.

‘sweet’ chicken burger with seet potato chips @Hotel am Brilliantengrund

Service was attentive and quick, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the overall impression is lovely. Definitely a place where I will be back to, as should you. Yours, Pollybert

Hotel am Brillantengrund
1070 Wien, Bandgasse 4
Tel: +43/1 5233662
Mo–Fri: 07:30–22:00, Sat–Sun: 09:00–22:00

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