More impressions from Zakynthos

This week in Zakynthos seems so long ago and it actually already is. But the next summer is just around the corner and these pictures make me think of going to Greece again. Each island is so unique in landscape and flavor that I have to try them all as best as I can. So far I have been to a couple but not nearly enough. No matter though, I loved each and every one so far. Zakynthos is no exception! Yours, Pollybert

view on Kefalonia @Zakynthos

local traffic @Zakynthos

Pollybert and friends @Zakynthos

boat trip to Shipwreck Beach @Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach @Zakynthos

Who wants live on this little island? @Zakynthos

the sea and nothing but @Zaknythos

Ouzo before sunset @Zakynthos

not the best tavern, but the best beach @Zakynthos

this is just one big tree @Zakynthos

ready to sit at the sea @Zakynthos

sunset over Zakynthos

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