What I learned in Olomouc

Wherever you travel to there is something new to learn. Either about yourself, a new culture or a new people. In any case traveling educates. Even if you just sit around the coffee-house and eat cake. When you look at the world with open eyes there is so much to discover. So here is what I learned while spending two days in Olomouc. Yours, Pollybert

1.) It’s depressing when all of downtown, especially the way from your hotel to the main square, is under construction.

under construction @Olomouc

2.) Getting upgraded from a room to an apartment is not so great when there is neither a socket to plug your phone next to the bed nor a lamp on the nightstand.

3.) I didn’t see one church where you could light candles.

4.) On the other hand I saw my first church with televised viewing in the back.

don’t miss a thing, live viewing from the altar @Olomouc

4.) There was a lot of graffiti everywhere including houses, letter boxes and so on.

graffiti can also be art @Olomouc

5.) It is possible to ruin a ham and cheese toast. I ate the worst version here.

6.) I spent this weekend with reading, eating a lot and walking around a bit (doesn’t really differ from what I do at home). It makes absolutely sense though to travel somewhere and not really do anything. Doing nothing in another country feels special.

me time with coffee and cake @Olomouc

7.) You can order beer to go from a pub. That’s innovative!

when you get thirsty on the road @Olomouc

8.) I haven’t seen any places to eat breakfast. So maybe they are not big on this? (see also #5)

9.) Usually a little bit of rain is not a problem when you are with friends and a colorful umbrella. On your own not even a colorful umbrella helps. It’s all just grey. What helps though is # 7 ;-)


  1. We visited Olomouc a few years ago and it is in my opinion the most beautiful town in the Czech Republic (Out of the around 10 that I have visited). But I assume that you are correct, it is not so fun to walk around while the sky is grey.

    Regarding breakfast, it is the same in both the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. It is really hard to find a good breakfast. The few you will find is at the hotels in the tourist areas. Sometimes you will just have to wait for a nice lunch instead. :)

    • I heard such good things about Olomouc before. I think it weas the combination of rain and the construction on the road that made it look very bleak. It’s still very beautiful, you are totally right about. Not the most beautiful that would be Cesky Krumlov in my opinion. And I am not giving up hope for a good breakfast somewhere in Czech Republic ;-)

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