The beach of Phu Quoc

There are lots of places you can swim in Vietnam and have a lazy beach vacation. But in winter time Phu Quoc is probably the best choice. It’s warm there, like really warm. And it’s an island. Which makes it hard to get to, especially if there is a typhoon going on.

With an involuntary layover in Saigon we arrived on Phuc Quoc 12 hours later than expected. The first day it was just raining, so it was no big deal. The beach bungalows of the Orange Resort are a bit on the dated side. But when you go at Christmas and book late, you have to take what’s on offer.

The location is great and the beach in front perfect, so no need to complain about the furniture. I want to mention though that an abundant number of early risers stayed there. At least that’s how it looked when you came to the beach and every single sunbed was occupied by a towel. I hate these kind of tourists because they make me do the same!

What to do when it rains on Phu Quoc? You go for a walk and meet friends for a beer.

walking along the beach of Phu Quoc @Vietnam

time for a beer at Rory’s Beach bar in Phu Quoc @Vietnam

The other days we got lucky and the sun came out. I am not really sure if there is anything to discover on the island. I think there is a big national park. But we didn’t do anything, not even rented a motorbike. Just stayed very lazy on the beach,

relaxing on the beach in Phu Quoc @Vietnam

read a lot,

coffee and a book while at the beach in Phu Quoc @Vietnam

watched picture-perfect sunsets

watching the sun set from the second row @Vietnam

and soaked up some sun for the dreary days back home.

soaking up the sun in Phu Quoc @Vietnam

The beach as I said is fantastic and you can go for really long walks if you are into that (I abhor it). Flying to Phu Quoc for a couple of days was the perfect end for a wonderful trip to Vietnam. Yours, Pollybert

James Bond waves goodbye @Vietnam


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