All the amazing food of Vietnam

My love for Asian food is already well known if you aren’t on the blog for the first time. Vietnamese food is one of the best in the world. So fresh and tasty everywhere in the world but just plain fantastic in Vietnam iself. I didn’t eat a single dish here which I didn’t like. Of course Pho for breakfast is amazing,

Pho for breakfast in Hoi An @Vietnam

but let’s not forget the coffee which you can drink all day.

The first couple of days while riding with Phuoc, he was the one who ordered. You can’t believe the tastiness of this food.

fish with banana @Vietnam

fried pork, greens, omlette and rice make a great lunch @Vietnam

Every day brought a new culinary adventure like this chicken in fried rice. See here how the chicken is revealed.

hidden chicken in fried rice @Vietnam

another day, another lunch @Vietnam

Another lunch brought us directly to coast to a place where you can see your meal swimming around. My favorite seafood place, everything is was delicious.

choose your meal from live pictures @Vietnam

seafood variety for lunch @Vietnam

Of course once we were on our own there was only food for two to sample and we had to order what’s on the menu. Here for example at Les Jardins de la Carambole in Hué.

banana flower salad @Vietnam

beef with lemongrass @Vietnam

Salads in Vietnam are an explosion of flavors in your mouth. It’s never just one ingredient, it is a mix of crunchy and soft.

green papaya salad @Vietnam

On Christmas Eve we stayed in Hoi An and went for dinner at Morning Glory Signature. The food was delicious and if a little cockroach was scuttling away from underneath the bamboo basket, then so be it. One shouldn’t be so fussy.

“White rose” a specialty of Hoi An @Vietnam

pomelo salad @Vietnam

make your own spring rolls with beef on lemongrass @Vietnam

shrimps with pork belly @Vietnam

Once we got to Phu Quoc the food became different as well. As it should be because every region has its own dishes. Since we were on an island surrounded by water it’s obvious that we sticked with what came out of the sea.

grilled red snapper @Vietnam

fried bitter melon with egg (the green stuff) and grilled octopus while waiting for the Hot Pot @Vietnam

steamed red snapper, not as good as the grilled one @Vietnam

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