The Churches of Quito

The historical centre of Quito is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978. Especially the many churches of Quito in the centre form the base of this. They are everywhere and most are still in use. It is also interesting that they are full of people at all times. Amazing how important religion still is in this country.

The former Spanish hold on this country can’t be denied. It is visible in all these churches, in their names and in their style. Here are some of the churches I took pictures of or went inside. Yours, Pollybert

Cathedral of Quito

Iglesia de El Carmen Alto @Quito

The Church of the Society of Jesus of Quito, La Compania, is good baroque example. It is now used as a museum and pictures inside are not allowed. It is full of gold which was dazzling. Of course I sneaked a picture in.

Church of the Jesuits @Quito

gold all around @Quito

The Church of Santo Domingo @Quito

The Basilica de la Merced has some gruesome paintings inside. Not so much mercy in sight.

La Merced Church @Quito

inside ‘La Merced’ @Quito

The Church and convent of San Francisco dates back to 1534 and houses the largest religious complex of colonial America. What I really liked were the Jesus statues which had real hair. Something very typical here.

Church of San Francisco @Quito

intricate details inside the Church of San Francisco @Quito

Jesus with real hair @Quito

The Basilica del Voto Nacional is outside of the historic centre. It is a very large neo-gothic church from the 19th century. Inside it looks like an empty flagship. I found it very impressive though.

Basilica del Voto Nacional @Quito

inside the Basilica del Voto Nacional @Quito


  1. “Of course I sneaked a picture in.” And of course we were immediately disciplined for this by a supervisor 😉

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