The swing at the end of the world is in Banos

One of my reasons to travel to Ecuador was swinging in Banos. Or to be correct: once I knew I was going to Ecuador I also wanted to swing. So the first thing we did when we arrived in Banos was looking for the swing. I was lucky enough to get on the swing while the volcano was still a little bit visible!

my reason for Banos @Ecuador

While my friend was swinging into ‘The Mists of Avalon(sorry, can’t help myself). What a difference 10 minutes can make.

swinging in Banos @Ecuador

Banos has, as the name already implies, a couple of hot springs on offer. Make that Holy Water. Because the town is actually called Baños de Agua Santa. So of course you need to go for a soak in warm water.

The spa has about six different pools, all of them with varying temperatures. I tested warm and warmer and one luke warm in between to make the warm pool feel hot! It felt invigorating after climbing the Cotopaxi in the morning.

soaking in a hot spring in Banos @Ecuador

It is also an active town and caters very much to the backpacker tourist. All kinds of activities are available and you can spend most of your time doing something sporty. We started with a market visit though which is a great place for breakfast as well.

fresh fruits at the market @Ecuador

handmade empanadas @Ecuador

breakfast at the market @Ecuador

Besides an active town life with a lot of shops, bars and restaurant Banos also has a large church which is the Church of the Virgin of the Holy Water. Inside the church no candles and incense are allowed. To light a candle you have to go out into a small courtyard where you will also find a small shrine dedicated to the Virgin.

Church of the Virgin of the Holy Water @Ecuador

inside the church of the Virgin of the Holy Water @Ecuador

More about the active side of Banos is coming up in my next post. Yours, Pollybert

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