Spending the perfect day on San Cristobal

Our first day on the Galapagos started with blue sky and lots of sunshine and a trip to Kicker Rock. Kicker Rock is the perfect snorkeling spot with a lot of shark schools around. It’s about two hours from San Cristobal and already on the way we saw some dolphins (all animals pictures thanks to Sylvia!).

dolphin on the way to Kicker Rock @San Cristobal

I was expecting nothing and I was probably therefore blown away. When we arrived finally Kicker Rock stood ramrod out of the water with nothing else surrounding it.

Kicker Rock @San Cristobal

Already on our first snorkeling tour we saw a school of hammerhead sharks, white- and blacktip sharks as well as Galapagos sharks. In between a sea turtle and countless fish in rainbow colors. This was absolutely breathtaking. While snorkeling we had to stay together and all of us kept a hand on one of the life-savers. Therefore everyone on the boat saw the same animals. Except Sylvia who never left the boat.

holding on to a life-saver in front of Kicker Rock @San Cristobal

From Kicker Rock it was only a short boat ride to our next destination. Our first pristine white sanded beach. Here the turtles lay their eggs and let nature take its course. So no tramping around the beach, but we could of course go snorkeling again. This time in turquoise water and Sylvia was brave enough to also set foot in it. In addition I found an abundance of crabs. Watch them race here.

white-sanded beach on San Cristobal

turquoise water @San Cristobal

turtle nest @San Cristobal

At the second beach the sky was already rather overcast. So no time for tanning but rather another round of snorkeling in shallow water. Again we saw lots of colorful fish and even a baby shark was sneaking around.

Returning back to port of San Cristobal we saw quite a lot of birds (which I cannot name) and a pelican on a lonesome rock in the pacific.

bird watching @San Cristobal

a pelican takes off @San Cristobal

Of course even the best day has to end eventually. Back on land we needed to pack and unfortunately get ready for our next day travel to Isabela Island. But not before having one more great dinner at Giuseppe’s restaurant and saying goodbye to all the animals along the pier. Yours, Pollybert

a pelican in the sunset @San Cristobal

nightlife at the pier @San Cristobal

diamond rays @San Cristobal

life is hard @San Cristobal

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  1. I saw the sharks from the boat – that’s why I never left it :-) one can still enjoy the thrill from aboard – photographing birds and sea lions!

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