Exploring the island of Isabela by bicycle

Isabela Island is the largest of the Galapagos Islands and also the place where we spent the longest. Interestingly enough the town of Isabela looked as if a flood passed through it not so long a go. Not the most inviting place.

To get to it from San Cristobal you can either take the boat or fly. We picked the flight which in hindsight was not the best idea. Your luggage including hand luggage is limited to 25 pound. That means if you travel like us from Guayaquil to the Galapagos and then back to Quito, you have no place to store anything which means you actually have to travel with only 25 pound (or a bit more than 10 kg) for the whole time. For a two-week trip I call that a challenge.

our plane to Isabela Island

crossing over to Isabela

Someone from The Wooden House Lodge picked us up and we checked into our amazing room. Loved the size and airy atmosphere of it. Since the village was not really enticing we had full board with this hotel and we had to adhere to the meals times. I felt reminded of my days in boarding school.

Nevertheless we got bicycles for our morning activity and a map of the island. The plan was to cycle to the Wall of Tears which was built by prisoners in the ’50s. Since it didn’t sound so exciting we started with the turtle breeding station first. On the way we encountered our first hurdle, iguanas were crossing the road.

iguanas blocking traffic @Isabela Island

At the sanctuary they have turtles in almost all sizes and ages. Just the very little ones were missing when we were there.

turtle sanctuary @Isabela Island

Right behind the turtle sanctuary is a lake which is called the Flamingo Lagoon. We actually got lucky and saw five or six flamingos. Which is apparently quite rare.

Flamingo Lagoon @Isabela Island

After so much excitement we needed a break and stopped at a shack near the beach. The beach by the way looked incredible. Long, wide and sandy. Just the way you imagine your dream beach.

time for a break @Isabela Island

the beach and nothing but the beach @Isabela Island

Then we had to be on our way to make it to the wall which was still 6km away. It was not so much the distance but the many view points on the way and the relatively steep incline at the end. Argh, bicycling had never been so hard!

cemetery @Isabela Island

short stop at another lagoon @Isabela Island

last incline before the Wall of Tears @Isabela Island

As you can see it was overcast which was the perfect weather for this bicycle trip. Wouldn’t have wanted to come here with the sun out. Everything around feels pretty scorched and dry. The wall itself then is a disappointment. It is just a wall in the middle of nowhere. You still need to walk bit to get to it from the road. I get it that it was built just to punish and occupy prisoners but to send tourists here is kind of useless. There is nothing to see. Really, here it’s the way that counts and not the destination. Yours, Pollybert

Wall of Tears @Isabela Island

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