More impressions of the Galapagos Islands

To say that the Galapagos Islands blew me away is an understatement. From the moment we arrived on San Cristobal I had lost my heart (okay, maybe not the first 20 minutes while we were waiting for our guide to organise a transport!). The diversity was so impressive, the animals more than exceptional and the nature just astonishing. If you ever have the chance and possibility to go and visit the islands, I urge you to do so. Here are a couple more pictures which didn’t find their way in my posts from the Galapagos Islands. Yours, Pollybert

good morning surfer paradise @San Cristobal

a pelican on top of a tree @Isabela Island

around Kicker Rock @San Cristobal

some kind of moss which grows everywhere @Santa Cruz

looking back on Kicker Rock @San Cristobal

on top of the world or at least a lava tunnel @Isabela Island

even on the smallest plane you will a get magazine @Isabela Island

leaving San Cristobal

sometimes it’s hard to keep your 2m distance @Isabela Island

getting ready for sunset @Isabela Island

the church of Isabela Island

just waiting for blue sky and sunshine @Isabela Island

a fleet of boats to bring you out @San Cristobal

a blooming cactus @Isabela Island

an alley filled with flowers leads to the sea @Santa Cruz

I guess the pelican is waiting for a fish @Isabela Island

already my happy face at a very early hour @Isabela Island

a bar on Isabela Island

just checking if something might fall off @Santa Cruz

ready to see some marine life @Isabela Island

sunset on Isabela Island

a rock in the middle of the pacific @Isabela Island

this green lake is called laguna roja @Santa Cruz

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