Why you should spend at least a weekend in Naples

The moment you land in Naples you feel like you have landed in another world. Which you did. Because you landed in Italy. It’s sunny and loud, slightly dirty and full of people.

Following the advice of a friend I looked for a hotel in the area of Piazza Dante/Bellini and booked myself into the Hotel Royal Dante. Besides the added benefit of a metro station, you also find yourself in an area of Naples where you are not afraid to walk alone after dark. See, people are hanging their laundry outside because it is so safe.

on the way to the Hotel Royal Dante @Naples

What’s even better on Piazza Bellini you will find Peppe Spritz, a small Aperol Bar which is popular with locals and tourists alike. This was our first stop of the evening and I cannot recommend the place enough. The mixture is perfect, exactly the right ratio of Prosecco and Aperol and oh so tasty. If you don’t care that your drinks are served in plastic cups then you have found the right place. This place embodies the best of Naples!

Peppe Spritz @Naples

Naples is of course a city full of history and sights to see. So besides drinking a lot of Aperol spritz you should decide beforehand on what you are going to visit. There is not enough time for everything if you also just want to enjoy the city. It’s best if you settle on three things and then be happy if you actually see two.

We ended up exploring the city on foot while searching for the perfect dinner place (a small trattoria in the harbor). From medieval castle to countless churches you can find here everything. Walking around is actually the only way to soak up what Naples has to offer. Yours, Pollybert

Castel Nuovo @Naples

sit down at the harbor but BYOB @Naples

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