I Heart Forever (Lindsey Kelk): I guess this is the final installment in the “I heart …” series. Honestly, I enjoyed it immensely. The first book though more than any other. In the end what counts though is that you care about the characters. And I did. Angela, Jenny and Alex kind of grew to me. I liked how their lives and stories developed and even some of their crazy antics were understandable. So if you are into entertaining and enjoyable books, take a look at the “I heart …” series.


How To Stop Time by Matt Haig: What if you age but in much slow motion? This is the story of Tom who was born in the 16th century but today still only looks like a 41-year-old man. It sounds pleasant at first but is more like a nightmare upon closer inspection. I am not sure I would like that. Living forever without your friends and family sounds awful. So what happens when he falls in love again? Things get complicated. Quick and entertaining read!


Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman: Rarely do I watch a film first and then decide to read the book. Since this came in the audio version I made an exception. The book is read by Arnie Hammer which makes the experience even better since he played one of the characters in the movie. The book is way more explicit but so much more tender than the movie. Sometimes I just wanted to cringe and other times to hug myself. The pains of first love are never easy, no matter for what team you play.


The Susan Effect by Peter Høeg: I got this hard cover pressed on me with the highest recommendations from a friend of mine. I hate reading hard cover in summer. Way to heavy to carry around. But this is exactly what I did because I wanted to keep on reading. This dysfunctional family all of a sudden has a lot more problems on hand instead of just cheating and impudent children. When you finally find out what it’s all about the book has long sucked you in. Weird and interesting to read!

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