The arty atmosphere of Szentendre

After partying in Budapest I needed a change of scenery and especially some time to relax. There is no better place to do this than in Szentendre.

Szentendre is a quaint little village outside Budapest which has a totally arty flair. No wonder it was full of tourists when we arrived there on a Sunday afternoon. It is only a short distance from Budapest but completely different.

lamp shades are decorating the streets @Szentendre

The village Szentendre is really charming and you can easily navigate the small squares and streets. Lamp shades are drawn over most streets and give the whole place a very festive atmosphere.

main square @Szentendre

small houses overgrown almost by flowers and lot @Szentendre

There are a couple of small museums and art installations all around the village as well. It’s fun walking through an open gate and find oneself across some laundry. Upon closer inspection though the laundry is made of plexiglass and full of words.

art installation of laundry in the backyard @Szentendre

Some alleys are so narrow that you can touch the sides with your elbows. I like walking through these in daylight.

narrow alley @Szentendre

just taking a picture @Szentendre

Walking around will give you sense of calm and peace. No cars are allowed and it is relatively quiet in Szentendre. This is a place where you can relax and enjoy a couple of hours away from the modern hustle and bustle. Yours, Pollybert

one of the many churches in Szentendre

empty square in front of the church @Szentendre

another church entry way @Szentendre

a moment to relax and take a deep breath @Szentendre

a flower shop @Szentendre

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