The Naumburg Cathedral

About an hour away from Leipzig lies Naumburg. If you have never heard from this town before, you are not alone. Naumburg Cathedral has become a World heritage site in 2018. I was lucky enough that one of my friends had heard about this place and guided us there. Most of the cathedral is from the 13th century and it is famous for the choir and the donor portrait statues. Upon paying your entrance fee you get a detailed map which lists all statues and other noteworthy items in the cathedral. The building itself though is pretty spectacular already!

Naumburg Cathedral

Just look at the portal leading into the cathedral. So magnificent with all these arches.

portal leading in the Naumburg Cathedral

Inside it was really cold. This must be a welcome respite in summer but in spring it was very uncomfortable. I wonder how it feels in winter? Probably even worse. But no wonder when the ceiling is as high as here.

inside the Naumburg Cathedral

behind the screen is the pulpit @Naumburg Cathedral

On another note, the details within the cathedral are mind-blowing. Take a look at these figures on a banister for example.

details on banister @Naumburg Cathedral

a bishop climbing the banister up @Naumburg Cathedral

the devil on his way down @Naumburg Cathedral

Or at this door. It’s a stairway to heaven.

intricate details on a door inside the Naumburg Cathedral

If you ever find yourself in this area, the cathedral is wort a detour. We even changed our plans to drink champagne just to make this visit happen. Yours, Pollybert

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