More impressions of Bergen

Arriving in Bergen amidst an array of clouds prepared me for the weather during my four-day stay. Except for a little twinkling of the sun upon my arrival, the city was basically shrouded in gray. Nevermind, it just forced me to look closer and appreciate the sun more when it was visible. The city and the surrounding area, including the fjords which are a bit further, is stunning. No matter the weather. I do hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did my trip. Yours, Pollybert

Bergen from above

the local fire department with vehicles from the last decades @Bergen

going up to Voss by train @Bergen

Bryggen with an old fire engine truck in front @Bergen

the wild landscape around Voss @Norway

the harbor is ready for a party @Bergen

early morning fog @Bergen

the lights are starting to come on in the harbor @Bergen

a bridge in Gudvangen @Norway

Ludvig Holberg statue and fish market @Bergen

cruising along the Nærøyfjord @Norway

another rainy morning @Bergen

that’s what I call a stylish cruise ship @Norway

Bergen by night @Bergen

Pollybert on top of Fløyen @Bergen

the Nærøyfjord was empty and all of a sudden there is a small boat @Norway

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